Maybe we should just call it sense

Orange County Florida Mounted Patrol
Horse’s asses.


Maybe we should just call it sense.

Take the common out of it.

Common sense is on the endangered list.

Yes, of course, if you’ve got to get a nail through a piece of wood, a hammer makes sense.

But if a positive attitude as well as peace and contentment is exponentially better than a negative one…if exercise is better than not…

On second thought, maybe common sense is extinct.

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Three days until he sees 55

empty college town street
Looks and sounds different without distractions


To see what is right in front of us is one of life’s greatest challenges.

Why we struggle with this is a mystery.

What would happen to humanity if we could eliminate the phenomenon?

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Dear Son, Please Bank On Truth And Common Sense

Ponder truth and common sense against all other alternatives.

Dear Son, please bank on truth and common sense:

  • Never get bored with the basics
  • Life’s Big Choices
  • Mind, Body, Spirit, Money, HQ
  • Use your first & middle names to guide you

Work tirelessly, your entire life, to make common sense, common practice.

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