Contagious enthusiasm

Disneyland parade float
Disneyland’s official Magic Happens debut. We were there, February 2020.

Everyone knows you gotta do the reps if you want to achieve something that requires effort, change, risk, and eventually, a new and exponentially better personal reality.

Do the reps.

Contagious enthusiasm.

Do you have it?


You’ve made a wise investment.

Guessing your motivation to have contagious enthusiasm stems from knowing what your life would be like without it.

Note: all five posts today are exactly the same – do the reps. The exception “to exactly the same” is that there are five big choices in life – mind, body, spirit, work, home. As you read today’s five posts that sound “exactly” the same, understand all five themes need individual focus and discipline. All five personal vibrancy bars set to the highest level.

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