Rethinking my genetic Neanderthal urge to accumulate

material things
A thought while biking to the gym 24 hours ago. So i dictated while peddling. The last three words above should read maybe in decades. Siri, the wind, my voice…gets discombobulated sometimes.


We spend decades of our life accumulating things. probably some sort of Neanderthal survival DNA still in our genes.

You know, have a surplus in case we have a bad day of hunting or gathering.

But our distant ancestors never had the infinite choices we have now.

So we overdo the collecting and accumulating.

i’m convinced there comes a time when we need to reverse the process.

Also convinced we may go an entire lifetime and never realize this.

Been shedding for at least a decade.


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My attitude about life seems heavily influenced

Minnie Moo the Disney cow
Digital photos may be a blind spot for me.


My attitude about life seems heavily influenced by the sense of overwhelm i feel in daily living.

My daily living is insidiously affected by the burdens i feel with all the stuff i have that i never touch, and no one cares about but me.

What if i donated, recycled, or trashed these possessions?

Would my mental burden be lightened and more joyful?


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This website is about our MIND. To read posts about our BODY, click here.


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