Attitude travels everywhere you do, like a shadow

Disney Keynote Speakers
Hiking Highline Trail 17 days after the Howe Ridge fire began from a lightning strike on August 11.



Leaving in five days for nine-day Glacier National Park trip.

Going-to-the-Sun Road has been closed on the westside for over a week and may remain closed for the season.

The attitude we travel with is the attitude that will make our travel extraordinary or a disaster.

PS. It’s the same (not a different) attitude that we travel with daily.


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Mid Life Celebration blog posts are fuel

Fall foliage


(photo: Early morning view from Iowa City Sheraton hotel room.)

Is inspiration fuel?

Doing what we say we’re gonna do is fuel. And a million other things are fuel as well.

Mid Life Celebration blog posts are fuel to keep your daily “fire for life” lit.

Are we throwing twigs and leaves on our fire or solid oak logs?

We’re in charge of these choices.

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This is your life, your midlife celebration (go!)

Quote from AARP article
Do we need an expert to tell us or is it utterly intuitive?


Our life doesn’t fully come alive until we remove our fear of living. It’s not death that we fear, it’s living.

Think about it.

We actually know this to be true.

Yet pretend we don’t.

Things will never be the same until we are deeply compelled to rethink (everything), reprioritize (what’s important), and recommit (like a warrior).

No regrets for taking so long. Only joy in beginning. Again.

This is a game changer.

It’s our move.

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What Would You Grab If Your Place Was On Fire?

Jack the Bear is so ordinary that his priceless worth seems utterly impossible.

We’ve all been through the exercise: What possessions would you grab from your home if it was on fire and you had only a minute to decide, only one trip out, and only two hands? Let’s also assume your family could escape on their own. What would you grab?

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