We Don’t Learn Responsibility

Our Current System Fails Society
Our Current System Fails Society

Consider this: When are children taught mental, physical, spiritual and financial responsibility?

I ain’t a genius, but it seems like the overwhelming answer is, “Never!”

Do we, as a collective society, believe personal responsibility in Life’s Big Decisions is going to fall from the sky and wash over people when they turn 18, or maybe 21?

By jeff noel

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  1. I always had it preached to me. But it never sunk in because I was too lazy and relied on my safety net. Definitely thankful it was there. But I didn’t learn a lot of those lessons until I decided to truly live independently.

  2. Could there be a Guest Blog post to share why you think your parents couldn’t make it stick?
    Was it too easy to be lazy?
    What if it would have been easier to work hard and feel great?

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