Be ready (huh?)

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The ripple effect


Be ready.


A couple days ago while driving, two simple words came to mind out of nowhere (happens frequently by the way).



Will we be ready for take off when air traffic control announces our dream is ready for takeoff?

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  1. Jeff,

    I am ready…been ready…praying for opportunity. 🙂 Thanks for being inspiring!


  2. Bob, depending on how we define ready, this may be true or false. Hope your definition of ready comes with an infrastructure and not just hope.

  3. Jeff,

    It is a combination of both – hope for what is to come and preparation for it when it comes. I am already transitioning in preparation.


  4. Bob, let me ask it a different way. Is there tangible evidence of your preparation? Google your name. Can others find you? Does it matter?

    These are questions you, as an inspiring leader, are responsible for. Are you satisfied?

  5. They can on LinkedIn. But if Googling my name is a measuring stick (which, by the way, there are lots of famous Bob Stewarts out there that I share my name with), then I fall short. That’s why on LinkedIn, my name is Bob Stewart, MA – to separate myself.

    Then it is just hope. At this point, I am more ready for change to occur in my career/life than ready to be a world-recognized leader. I know God has something better for me than what I am currently doing – whether it’s being known globally or reaching the globe one person at a time. How do I know? He has put that desire in my heart for something greater.

    I am sorry if I sound all over the place – I just have been rather ultra-reflective lately in my prayer time.

  6. Bob, ultra-reflective is the storm before the action. This is a gift you are giving yourself. Celebrate this. Most people never get to ultra-reflective.

    Ask yourself better questions than you have in the past. Why? Because the right answer to the wrong question is dangerous.

    i am pulling for you, and pushing you (as best i can because it’s not really my place to) to do tangible things.

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