Not until and only when

Walt Disney drove his team to chase perfection. It’s the DNA of the Walt Disney Company.

Not until and only when.


Not until you are willing to think and act at a higher and much different level – a level that chases perfection and settles for excellence, will you ever find peace and contentment.

Because, after all, peace and contentment is what we are chasing.

Chase perfect peace and perfect contentment.

Settle for excellent.

The one compromise worth making.

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Dear Readers

How often do you think about improving things? Considering that the road to excellence has no finish line, this ought to be all day, everyday.

My “work pedigree” insists every employee aim for perfection and settle for excellence.

“Dear Readers” was a brainstormed theme for writing these 5 blogs, but “Dear Son” & “Authenticity” won out instead.

You know that there’s more to this at the Next Blog