Now I Get It

Always Be Prepared For "Bad" News
Always Be Prepared For "Bad" News

Was being helped the other day by someone who knows what I do (The Blog Whisperer) and she told me she finally gets it.

She shared that her Dad (71) was just diagnosed with cancer.

No warning signs.

Obviously, everyone hopes his cancer can be beaten, but this early in the game, no one can say for sure.

Suddenly, Living, before you die, takes on a whole new, and precious meaning.

Live, before you die. Now do you get it?

(Lane 8 blog)

The World’s Wake-Up Call

You Better Figure This One Out
You Better Figure This One Out

*phone ringing*

Someone answers, “Hello.”

“Yes, hello. Is this Earth?, the voice at the other end says.

“Um, yes, it is”, is the reply.

Once again from the other end, “Well, this is your wake-up call.”

A midlife crisis is often, but not always, initiated by a midlife wake-up call. It is our personal responsibility to react positively.

This Gulf of Mexico oil disaster means something to every human being on the planet. Have you figured it out yet?