Takes longer to write less – true or false?

Child's 13th birthday cake
Life keeps us busy, year after year


Been wanting to write shorter, pithier posts, but just haven’t been able to find the time.

The challenge in midlife isn’t desire, it’s time.

Takes longer to write less.


And that’s the point, no?

The insidious reality is that those that make it look easy have simply accepted that it’s not.

And they push forward, even when afraid, uncertain, ridiculed, embarrassed, etc.

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Shipping our art is similar to planting a tree

Pike Place Market floor brick with saying
a note to all of you from the universe of my camera, and the floor of Pike Place Market


Shipping our art is similar to planting a tree. Some of us will put off planting a small pot with a small tree in it because we can’t decide where to place it.

If only we would decide. Years can go by, frozen by our fear of making a mistake.

In a few short years, we could have been enjoying the shade.

Does the fact that each earthly life is so incredibly brief add to or detract from its sublime magnificence?- Notes to the Universe

In worst case scenario, the tree can be removed*, and another replanted more appropriately.

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* and used for lumber, firewood, crafts, recycled, etc