Are you keeping up with the future?

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Are you keeping up with the future?

Current education teaches from a knowledge-based curriculum from the past 200 years.

This is an antiquated system that can never teach our children (and us) to compete with machines (AI).

So, really, are you keeping up?

Are you shedding old systems?

Are you learning, unlearning, and relearning?

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Rethinking looks good on paper

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Oh dear, you mean we are in charge of our destiny?


Rethinking public education in 2015 makes sense to Baby Boomers.

Rethinking mid-life, right now, is a much tougher sell to Boomers.

In either case, it is done to change the trajectory.

The 2nd best time to rethink was yesterday.

The best time is today.

Do something that scares you, or something you “absolutely don’t have time for”, like take a walk outside.

Ask, “Am I satisfied?”

A summary of how and why Finland is rethinking education is here.

(Summary: By 2020, Finland plans to phase out teaching individual subjects such as math, chemistry and physics, and instead teach students by ‘topics’ or broad phenomena, so that there’s no more question about “what’s the point of learning this?”)

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This is not education, and the secret of what is

conformity and obedience have served the United States for 200 years


Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think. – Albert Einstein

To me, our midlife crisis is positive proof that education failed to teach us what’s most important in life – to think for ourselves – to trust our gut.


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