Where art thou, James Brown?

Today’s post is economical. All you have to do is click on James Brown, to go to Lane 8 for today’s funny, but insightful post.

Run, jeff, run!

Carpe diem!


Mid Life Shadow?

Mid-Life shadow?

Try this one on for size:

“By listening steadfastly to your opponent, you will discover your own shadow”.

Make it a GREAT Mid-Life day, because if you don’t, who will? Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂


Slowest of the Fastest

What is your motivation?

Tough question, unless I get more specific, eh?

What’s your motivation, to want to not only get healthy, but stay healthy?

Here’s a website and blog that will show you my motivation:

Lane challenges you and me to: Dream Big. Get There. Stay There.

Dreaming is fairly easy. Setting a big goal and attaining it, an aweful lot of work. Staying there is a whole other story.

Staying there is virtually impossible.

My big, hairy, audacious health goal? To be the slowest of the fastest – out in lane 8. In the finals. At the world championships. This August.

You’ll see.