They travel together

Father and Son at a wedding
Your mindset is contagious or it is not contagious. Do the right thing for the right reasons, especially when no one is looking. Why? Because you see everything you do.

You and your thoughts travel together.

Where one goes, so goes the other.

Exploit this for triumph or become a victim.

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The One Thing Every CEO Should Exploit

Bronze statues are nice and everything, but really, they shouldn’t be a goal.

Without indomitable will and unerring faith, every CEO jeapordizes the very nature of their title. Every CEO should exploit their faith and let it be the catalyst for personal greatness. Not greatness as in a bronze statue great. Greatness as in the best you you could possibly imagine.

Insight: There are some things in life that are non-negotiable. You must make your own decisions as to what they are.

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