Dear Son

Dear doubt

Disney Custodial water brush characters
Last night’s “Day 7” of Disney Leadership book writing happened in Tomorrowland, but i stopped to watch.


Disney Peoplemover
Last night.


Dear doubt,

You suck.

On a positive note, i believe you exist to give us motivation to overcome obstacles.

PS. Sorry for the harsh language at the top, but your existence is really hard to justify.


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Dear Readers

Stop comparing (please)

Apple iPhone shipping box
Yesterday…opening an Apple shipment from China.


Stop comparing (please).

And stop trying to fit into the mold of what others tell you is the recipe for success.

i used to be a copy-cat wanna be.

Is that what i’m chasing?

What if i chased becoming a category of one?

Or is that only for other people?




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Is fear the real enemy or is it something else?

Self improvement


(photo: Lady Foot Locker in Lehigh Valley Mall. Yesterday.)

People say fear defeats more people than anything else. Actually, tomorrow is the enemy.

Think about this for a second…

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow.

And so it goes.

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Everything is impossible

Mickey Mouse old time photo


(photo: Poster on Disney fanatic’s home wall. Technicolor didn’t exist until someone figured it out.)

Everything is impossible until the first person does it.

Impossible isn’t something no one’s ever done. Impossible is something you’ve never done.

Never been able to do a push up?

There’s an impossible goal. Do one pushup by 2016.

There’s something many people don’t now about me. A two sentence update can be found by clicking here.

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Two things similar to crack cocaine that we use daily

Mid Life Celebration Visa cards
Never used these cards – launched in 2009 with another bank that loves MLC way more


Doubt is so easy to summon.

Same with fear.

It’s like crack cocaine isn’t it?

Ridiculously addicting.

And the withdrawal symptoms from doubt and fear are excruciatingly painful.

So we stick with doubt and fear. They comfort us.

But when we lead with action and decisiveness, we move forward.

Go, no matter how slow!

The time will pass anyway.

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PS. Finally cancelled account Aug 2014.