Efforts Equal Rewards

When you take risks to do the right things for the right reasons, no one can question your integrity…

Do you find taking risks risky? What about playing it safe? Risky too, eh?

Offering a ghost writer 49% interest in a mega best-selling book is pretty much unheard of. But I liked it for two reasons:

  • Incentivize the Ghost to write their best work
  • It fit a boot strapped budget

    All of this looks good in a dream and with a hand shake.

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    Shark Tank Inspired Small Change

    Still easily considered a win-win in American business…

    Business deals and contract negotiating can be ruthless. There’s a reason ABC’s Shark Tank was critically acclaimed.

    And a very small change was made to the original book deal. Instead of 50/50, we went 51/49.

    Financially, minor. Emotionally, major.

    An easy one to ask for and an easy one to agree on. Should we disagree, I make the final call.

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