The three absolute best times to hone your attitude

best time to fix the roof is when the sun is shining

Been thinking about this one a lot. And it would seem, to me anyway, the best times to hone our attitude are the following:

  1. when we don’t need to
  2. all day
  3. everyday

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  1. My sister-in-law diagnosed yesterday with Lupus has this attitude: When I wake up and have a hard time moving I’ll give those times up to God for people worse off than I am. Amazing; and a blessing.

  2. Great attitude and heavenly mindset, Patty! I will definitely keep your siser-in-law in my prayers!

  3. The thing with attitude . . . If we don’t keep it in check, someone might come along and do it for us. That’s usually when the attitude takes a nosedive.

    I cant recall having someone tell me to stop having a positive attitude.

  4. David, two amazing points. We must control the temperature in the room, not measure it… are we a thermostat or a thermometer when it comes to personal leadership?

    Yeah, when was the last time someone said to knock it of already with the positive attitude?

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