Can the food we eat cause us to be cranky?

dark chocolate
do the chocolate makers influence the news that dark chocolate is healthy?

There’s much debate about attitude and depression, and whether it’s within a person’s control. This Everyday Health article recommends eating certain foods to help alleviate bad moods and crankiness.

Tomorrow, I’ll build on this with a few more simple tactics.

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  1. I thought about this one for quite awhile. As someone who is all too familiar with anxiety and depression, I think the answer is yes and no. Yes, we can do things to help manage anxiety and depression, but no, it’s not entirely within our control. Mental health issues tend to have a stigma that most physical conditions do not have. I think the easiest way to explain it is that you can look at it in much the same way as you would if the person were, say, diabetic. Yes, exercise and healthy eating are incredibly important in managing the disease, and sometimes that is all that is necessary. But it would be dangerous for some people to think that was all it took. Two people who I loved very much are dead because they thought they could manage their depression without their medication.

  2. Lorie, love that you shared this. And am very sorry about what happened to your Family.

    You reminded me that if I’m not careful in sharing what works (and what doesn’t) personally….

    ….people reading these posts might think I think there is a one-answer or one-way approach to confronting challenging physical health and mental health issues. Or even financial, spiritual and personal organization issues.

    Just because a farmer plows the fields, plants the crops, fences in the animals, and maintains the equipment, and a hundred other things, doesn’t guarantee a bountiful crop. Too many things outside the span of control.

    And yet. Failure to do any of these things well, or to skip one or two… would accelerate and increase the odds of trouble.

    The only guarantee is that we will eventually die. What we do between now and then is totally up to us and it seems that we should do what we feel is the very best we can offer ourselves, and ultimately, and hopefully, those around us.

  3. Ahh… but to be fair, we DO have to take into account the things we can control. And you are totally correct that diet and exercise play a huge part in that. You can’t just rely on meds for answers. Also, it helps to feel as if there is something we can control in an out of control situation. It would be too easy to be a victim of our circumstances. It is such a valuable thing that you encourage people not to give up, and that it takes work. Life ain’t fair, but a pity party isn’t the answer.
    One of the folks I was referring to was, in fact, an uncle. But the other was an old mutual friend of yours and mine.

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