2 Baby Boomer Retirement Milestones

The best day of your Baby Boomer retirement life is the day you buy your dream boat.

Happiest Day Of Retirement
Happiest Day Of Retirement

The second best day of your retirement life is the day you sell it.

2nd Happiest Day
2nd Happiest Day

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  1. Donna, did you?

    This past weekend on the Cub Scout tour of St Augustine, one of the Dad’s made a casual remark for a laugh.

    In my mind, there was a nugget of wisdom that had to be pondered.


  2. *Sometimes the things you want the most are not the things you want at all.
    *Sometimes you need to try it to know it’s not what you thought is was
    *The lake is not bluer on the other side (ha)
    *The real money pit is not your home, it is your boat

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