The one, critical planning step with our biggest goals and dreams

Central Florida's Bishop Norbert Dorsey
Even the holiest people in the world cannot escape worst case scenario


It’s great to understand “worst case scenario” as we set big goals in our life.

Truth be told, worst case is we die before we start to live.

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  1. Jeff,

    The problem, though, that I think a lot of people run into (myself included, sometimes) is that the potential “worst case scenario” of a particular situation becomes the barrier from even trying.

    I have been trying to get my sons to ask themselves, “So what if the worst case scenario in this situation happened?” Now granted, there are some worst case scenarios that could end in death (as you stated, the ultimate worst case scenario), but a lot of times they freeze up on the smallest of things for fear of a scenario that really isn’t a major game changer. Life has to have some risks.


  2. Bob, agree with you totally.

    And in hindsight, the post could have been themed “pick your battles” or “be careful to win the battle but lose the war”.

    There is one overarching worst case scenario, regretful living.

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