Quit being afraid

Residential meets commercial street
The start of another fearful day and playing it safe?


Quit being afraid.

Let’s not spend too much precious time on what we are afraid of and why we are afraid.

Resist the overwhelming temptation to go down the path of figuring out what we are afraid of. Instead, become clear on what we will gain when we no longer lead our day with fear.

Being crystal clear on what we gain from destroying fear is profoundly more effective than being intimate with what we are afraid of.

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By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    You nailed it with this, and yes, hit me a little bit in the process. We are going through so many changes right now in our organization, and the worst part of it all is the uncertainty and the unknowns out there. People in my organization spend so much energy trying to analyze the fear in these things, creating scenarios that may or may never happen (and, in essence, fueling the fears). Granted, this is a two-way road. Those who do know the answers to the “unknowns” would better serve those who don’t by communicating and removing the uncertainty, but it is also a personal responsibility to not let the fear in the unknown cripple from moving forward.

    I say this as I close my imaginary door to my office (a la Les Nessman) and consciously choose to not step out into the fray. I pray for my door of protection to be placed there so I don’t fall into the fear.


  2. Bob, hoping you know without a doubt that this writer only speaks from what he knows and has experienced and struggled with.

    If this is a topic that can be nailed, it could only be done by a craftsman.

    Have made more mistakes than successes.

    And yet…

    And yet the batting average is improving.

    The long way is the short cut.

    Keep moving forward.

    Your company here (5 blogs) helps make this small community a great place to be.

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