Permission to try anything and everything

risk takers
Seth Godin made this. Outliers, misfits, crazy-people to the left. Risk-adverse, conformists to the right.


Doing routine, mindless administrative stuff (stuffing envelopes for a classroom activity) at work yesterday, a thought…


i’m no longer working to make a living, i’m working to make a difference.


This changes, and refines, my attitude about selling.

She who can walk away always has the edge.

Who doesn’t enjoy having an edge?

i am sitting on a current situation where two big opportunities are in front of me.

Both situations have CEOs who are struggling with the price.

No worries.

i can’t force someone to see value instead of expense.

And if it’s too risky for them, it’s not too risky for me – to thank them for their time, wish them well, and then walk away.

Entrepreneurs have no guarantees anything they do will work.

And they have their own permission to try anything and everything.

So cool.


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