Worried about the future?

Calvin and Hobbs
Chapin sent me this last night. He showed it to me as we sat together in the Family room. i requested it, not knowing how i’d use it until after i wrote this post.


Worried about the future?

Prove it.

My theory is most adults could eliminate much of their worry if they cleaned up their own bank of lifetime habits first, before expecting someone else to change.

Yes, there are exceptions, but the odds of you being the exception are low.

Could ask dozens of simple questions, but for now, try these on…

When was the last time you exercised?

If we could see what you actually eat and drink in any given month, would you feel good or not so good?

When was the last time you began your day on your knees? And the time before that? Was it this morning and yesterday?

Is there breathing room in your cabinets, shelves, drawers, medicine cabinets, and closets?


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