Merry Christmas 2016?

walt disney world cast softball field
Yesterday morning i rode my bicycle (left) to the one remaining, and original, Cast Member softball field. Textile Services (laundry) is the light blue building on the horizon.


Merry Christmas 2016?

i listened to a Seth Godin podcast late yesterday afternoon (September 24).

Back to that in a minute.

For many, Christmas celebrates the birth of a messiah.



Birth of a savior.

To save our world.

Can you imagine the hope this provided back in the day?

Can you fathom for some that today feels like it happened yesterday, not 2016 years ago?

Something so old yet feeling so new.


Now, back to the hour-long podcast about writer’s block, fear, and art.

Today is day 17 of a year-long journey to write seven Disney business books in one year.

In the year marked from the release of the iPhone 7 release to the iPhone 8 release.

September 9, 2016 to (probably) September 9, 2017.

Why such a bold goal?

Because it’s possible.

A mountain of commitment.

And at this point in my life, i am certain it’s possible.


Because all my previous failures- and there are many – have taught me and prepared me for eventual success.

Can you imagine thinking of failure (and setbacks) in such a generous and positive manner?

i never could.

But late in life i began asking, “What if you did??

Now, back to the topic and conclusion.

Like so many people were 2000 years ago, and are to this day – they believed (and believe) a savior was born.


Now imagine you being certain of your own convictions.


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