How would we and why would we do something so difficult

Teen walking to Two Dog Flats at Rising Sun Motor Inn


(photo: walking down to his favorite place in Glacier National Park – Two Dog Flats Restaurant)

How would we and why would we do something so difficult few others would ever attempt it?


Why wouldn’t a person be driven to do something remarkable?

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  1. Jeff,

    I am reminded of a book called “How to Become CEO” by Jeffrey Fox. You would appreciate it if you haven’t read it…75 chapters in the book, with each pithy chapter being about 1-2 pages long. But one of the chapters is titled, “Do Something Hard and Lonely.” You must remember this is a business leadership book, so it comes from that angle, but it also can be applied to life.

    A few lines from the chapter seem to resonate your message, like “Do something that you know very few other people are willing to do…It will mentally prepare you for the battle of business.” For that matter, it will prepare you for life! Another line I know you will be able to relate to well is this: “All great and successful athletes remember the endless hours of seemingly unrewarded toil. So do corporate presidents.”

    Thanks for bringing all that back to my memory!!! I needed this refresher.


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