Disney Keynote Speakers have transformational knowledge to share

Westin Riverfront, Avon CO
Westin Riverfront, Avon CO. Yesterday after lunch.
Westin Riverfront, Avon CO
Big picture. The Westin is at 7,400 feet.
Westin Riverfront, Avon CO
Not here to ski, nor hike.
snow on pine needles
October 15, yesterday, it was 14 degrees at sunrise.
Westin Riverfront, Avon CO
Brief walk around the Westin was all a busy speaker’s schedule allowed.
Westin Riverfront, Avon CO
From the lobby.

The two most magnificent days in our life is the day we are born and the day we figure out why.

Disney Keynote Speakers have transformational knowledge to share.

Knowledge is to skill as fat is to muscle.  – Robert Kelley

Fat does not increase strength.

Muscle does.

Knowledge does not transform things or people.

Action does.

To stand out in a sea of ?motivational speakers”, i have spent my life transforming Disney knowledge into a rare Disney speaker’s skill set:

A 19-point cultural blueprint i’ve created and apply to the way i run my life and business.

And from this, i am asked to share brilliantly simplistic and profoundly powerful context-neutral business insights for world-class excellence and organizational vibrancy.

To be the first Disney Keynote Speaker choice when business leaders want a transformational catalyst to spark the change their business wants to share with the world.

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