What are you afraid of?

Reflections from the longest (timewise) trip ever (Orlando to Vail) a few days ago…

air travel
Leaving Orlando the other day.
iPhone deconstructed
First class seats.
Denver snow
Look closely and it will make sense….Denver snow on a field as we near the runway.
Westin Vail
Westin Vail…checked on airport to Westin shuttles. There are none. Hadn’t heard from the client regarding my request for pre-arranged airport transfer.
Denver snow
De-icing. A medical emergency on an arriving flight put the airport on hold. The backlog for de-icing after the plane landed took our plane two hours to recover from.
Colorado…a road and a river.
Colorado…the plateau gives way to massive erosion for thousands of years (or more).
Colorado plateau remnants.
Grand Junction, Colorado. We deplaned and the regional pilots bought everyone pizza and snacks. It was a 16-hour day door-to-door for me.

What are you afraid of?

In life or three days ago?

Three days ago.

i was afraid i wouldn’t get to the speaking venue by 8am the next day.

All told, it took 16 hours from door to door.

In life.

i’m afraid there are people who are afraid of life and there’s nothing i can do.

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