Decade solstice?

Sunrise at 7:11 AM today. Photo: approximately 7:00 AM today.

Here’s an intriguing excerpt from a daily business email recapping the hottest news…

Insigniam, a consulting firm, founder Shideh Bina wrote this “response”:

More than any decade I can recall (in the six I have lived through), the next decade will be defined by how well we, as leaders, and as citizens, respond to challenges and threats to our foundational beliefs, structures and institutions. Will we respond with wisdom, courage, accountability and creativity to our climate, our political storms, our vast inequities, our soon-to-be obsolete skills base and our deeply engrained biases about each other and about how things “ought to be”? If we respond well we can turn these threats into glorious, transformative opportunities. If not, we will preside over tragedy. The transformation required to prevail also requires a transformation of ourselves as leaders and how we think and act. The decade has not been written, the pen is our hands.

Shideh Bina

Personal vibrancy and personal transformation begins when we convince ourselves that balance is not a myth.

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