What’s Your Bold Claim?

Anyone can say anything. How do you disprove bold claims?

Is it even worth the effort to try?

What’s your bold claim?

I think we all should have at least one.

A friend claims to be an insect eater.

What’s yours?

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  1. I am amazingly accurate and impressive at parallel parking. (Thanks, Dad) No matter the size of the city in which I am driving or the amount of traffic on the street, if I see a spot it is MINE. I get it in one fell swoop.
    But more unique is the fact that I have an extra lumbar vertebrae. My kids feel it is because I stopped just shy of having a tail.

  2. Lorie, you have a gift. Real life & comedy & the ability to write so we see exactly what you’re talking about and laugh at the end. Good stuff.

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