What Would You Sponsor If

What would you sponsor if you had unlimited choices? And if you had unlimited resources, how would you let people know?

These questions are my shadow – corporate strategy and tactics.

Midlife entrepreneurs can learn a lot by looking everywhere and asking, “Why?”

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  1. I love your posts, for they really get me thinking — and sometimes truly outside the box. I saw the Publix sign image and I started to think big, “What group would I sponsor?” Would it be Girl Scouts, Catholic Youth Ministry, or the Dana Farber? I’m having ideas of large corporate checks being passed at ribbons cutting ceremonies to happy people in leadership positions. But then in the back of my mind I hear, “Do small things with great joy.” And I think about the smaller donations of time, talent and treasure, we all make each and every week to our churches, youth groups, and places of work or recreation. Or the flip tops we collect for the Ronald McDonald House. What about delivering meals for Meals on Wheels?

    A mountain can be moved if we each pick up a pebble; two if they are really small.

  2. Patty, thank you for your validation.
    These posts are designed to ask questions, not answer them.
    That is up to each of us in our own way.
    People want to be fed the answers, at least that’s what they think.
    Real sustenance comes from the right questions.

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