Changing Our Lives Unexpectedly

Funny how life changes the things we are passionate about, simply by changing our lives unexpectedly, and forever.

You’ve got an example, I guarantee it. What’s your story?

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By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff, my father is 71. He had a stroke last month. He is one of the lucky ones…caught it while it was happening…treated it…sent him home 3 days later with nary a side effect…except one…a good one.

    Scared him straight…now he is changing his life style (diet & exercise).

    Better late than never.

  2. I received a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in 1999. The doctor said, “Well, I don’t want you to leave here and go kill yourself, but the tests all point to MS.” I told him, “Doctor, I don’t have time for that. I have to get home and make dinner for my kids.” I walked out of his office with a conviction that MS was not going to get me — I have better things to do.
    And God has been on my side. Flare ups have been few and not as severe as predicted. I will always have better things to do than suffer from MS. And I will remember your son in my prayers.

  3. Skip, what an amazing, real and real time example.
    I submit that we all will continue to receive wake up calls.
    Our choice is simple, ignore this or plan for it.

  4. Natalie, thank you for joining the conversation and sharing a great, inspiring concept when life hands us “challenges”…..we can simply say, “I have better things to do than suffer”.

  5. Which example would you like to hear about? Massive stroke, cancer, ruptured colon, Trisomy 18, Alzheimer’s, generalized anxiety disorder, asthma or hoarding? I’ve been touched by them all. All of it makes you appreciate things like the sound of rain on the leaves, the smell of freshly baked bread, the sound of the ocean……. instead of complaining about things like “having” to mow the lawn, you learn to be grateful that you CAN mow the lawn. You also have to give yourself permission to cry.

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