MidLife Generation Jones?

Generation Jones, No Cover
Generation Jones, No Cover

Just when you think you know it all, you are offered some new piece of information that nearly embarrasses you.

That’s what happened a few days ago when a Mid Life Celebration blog post comment shared some background data and a link to Generation Jones.

Generation Jones is not a band at Ladies Night, Generation Jones is somewhere between Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers, like born between 1954 – 1965.

Click here to view, if you have any interest, or skepticism.

Not sure I’m buying it, even if it’s “two-for one” night.

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  1. I conducted a large survey 1162 New Zealand Baby Boomers last year, asking about their intentions in relation to retirement at 65 and aspirations. Out of interest, I separated and compared the first half of the Baby Boomer generation, born 1946-1955, with the second half, borm 1956-1965, to see if the “Generation Jones” hypothesis had any validity. My data showed no significant differences between the responses of older and younger Boomers, even in the areas of interest specifically listed by Generation Jones proponets, so my conclusion was that the Generation Jones hypothesis was not supported. IMHO, Generation Jones is a myth.

  2. Sharon, are you living in New Zealand? Wow. The power of the Internet to make the world small.

    Your survey and your results are really fascinating. And the fact that your Baby Boomer survey proved inconclusive, makes this old soul feel better about being completely ignorant to Generation Jones.

    Sharon, what motivated you to conduct such a survey and what will you do with your results?

    Are you working for Chevron? Anyway, thank you for your visit(s) and comment. Have a GREAT week. jeff 🙂

  3. Hi Jeff –

    Yes, I am in New Zealand! New Zealanders are large users of the internet, in fact 88% of New Zealand Baby Boomers have internet access. And Chevron has a presence here.

    I did the survey as the thesis for my MBA last year. the results are on blogspot (address above) in little chunks (the report was 150 pages long, too big to blog). The results are being used to inform social policy in New Zealand – areas such as Treasury outlooks, the work of our Retirement Commission, Health and other social policy planners.


  4. Sharon, thanks for the link to your blog. I’ve bookmarked it and will review it. Tried to leave you a comment but was unsuccessful, partly because I’, not a fan of logging in to leave a message. 🙂

    Anyway, also nice to connect on Twitter, although I’m not very focused on Twitter at this time.

    Wonderful stats on Internet usage. Good for New Zealand. Take care.

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