Life Goes Round And Round
Life Goes Round And Round

How challenging was it to keep in touch with people before the telephone was invented?  You know, back before electricity and the pony express.

Nearly impossible, right?  And for decades following the advent of electricity, the phone was attached by a cord to some contraption on a desk or a wall.

Yesterday, the phone in my pocket rang, so I walked outside and had a nice conversation with a college buddy, Skip.

Looking back to 24 hours ago, it hit me.  Time marches on.  People do amazing things, and we lose track.

He was very interested, and asked about my goals. And it made me reflect on what they actually are.  It’s easy to get distracted from the most important goals in our life.

Terribly easy.

Tomorrow would be a great day to remind everyone, including myself, why I started Mid Life Celebration.

People forget.

By jeff noel

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