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Three (fast) Men Of A Certain Age (50+)
Three (fast) Men Of A Certain Age (50+)

Mid Life Celebration readers, it’s a privilege to welcome back Guest Blogger Lorie Sheffer, from Central Pennsylvania. Take it away Lorie:

“My new favorite TV show, Men of a Certain Age, recently asked the question, “At what age did you give your dreams away? At what age do you take them back?

Think about it. What was your dream? Did you achieve it or did you give it away? Did the circumstances of life stand in the way? Did you even try? Did you revisit that dream and make it fit into your life in some unexpected way?

Some dreams seem silly, some seem heroic and some seem selfless. But all of them matter if they are something that is important to us. From American Idol to the Olympics to The White House, there are people who started with a dream. Every rehabilitation hospital is filled with folks whose dream it is to walk. Every AA meeting is filled with dreams of sobriety. From the streets of North Philadelphia to the sidewalks of Central City East in Los Angeles, people dream of a better life.

What is your dream? What WAS your dream? Over the next few blogs, I’d like to share stories of people who had dreams, and how they made them come true, most often in ways that they never expected.”

Thank you Lorie for getting us to think about our dreams and the dreams of others we know.  See you again next Sunday at Mid Life Celebration.

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