Random Acts of Purpose?

Nice, Respectable Young Men
Nice, Respectable Young Men

Yesterdays post was a day early.  So today’s post will remain a personal reflection (but still with a message, if you pay attention).  The big gig, the 30th anniversary reunion is tonight, Saturday night, not last night.

Saturday night is traditionally the week’s most popular party night. However, 30 years ago, it was really just another night, not much different than the others.


Because every night was a party night. At least for me. Was one of those folks addicted to a good time.  Literally.

It’s a wonder I’m still alive.  Anyway, this morning, one of my college buddies wrote this note.  Seems yours truly, in spite of my irresponsible, good-time behavior, had it in me to try to make a difference for others. Here’s the excerpt:

“As I prepare for tonight, my mind drifts back to the person that wrote me a letter during that summer of 1980 and gave me the hard sale to join the colony during the upcoming fall semester. THANK YOU JEFF!! I can remember how you described the brothers and how you thought I would benefit from joining them. Wish I still had the hard copy of the letter, but now it is only good memories. Words will never be able to describe how much I have benefited as a person by being part of the greatest group of “balanced men”.  So many memories and they are still continuing. Must be impossible for outsiders to understand. But, WE DO!!”

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