Do or do not

Dreams require risks. Risks require failure. Failure enables growth. Growth enables dreams.

Do or do not do the work.

Is there a third choice?

No, from my six decades on this planet. i have discovered my own truths. Truths many others embrace, and at the same time, many others shun. Right or wrong, we need to commit. i am committed to my truth – which may grow and develop as more years teach more lessons.

Some might say that doing some but not all of the work is doing the work, and i say that doing the work is like a marriage, you are 100% committed or you are not committed. Cheating means failing.

At some point, i deemed my being faithful to a positive attitude was all or nothing.

Cheating by being impatient, unkind, angry, and negative means i have failed.

i do not like that type of failure.

Failing from calculated risk taking inspires me.

Needed to say all of this to clear up any doubt about my intimate relationship with failure.

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