Midlife Celebration Has 9 1/2 Updates

This Is The Bottom Line

Midlife Celebration has 9 1/2 updates:

1. Being prepared for the unexpected is the underlying message at midlife celebration. Yesterday – fears of a second recession.

2. Since 2009, been setting the stage for a healthy running comeback. Big event next month.

3. First time ever: took a month’s vacation in July.

4. July’s Mid Life Celebration, LLC’s visits passed 130k. Credit to a month off and 3rd annual writer’s get-a-way.

5. Prayers (please) for Father-In-Law (85) to recover from back surgery (last week).

6. Prayers (please) that a second recession never happens.

7. Have been quiet about the Midlife Celebration’s first book on purpose. Patience is a virtue.

8. Love my wife more than ever.

9. Never getting bored with the basics should drive us to a well-balanced life.

9.5. Happy first day of Fall.

Midlife Celebration writes daily, short, pithy blog posts, except for occasional updates like today’s.

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