How often does a day like today happen?

iPhone screen shot of 2014 Hurricane Andrew near Florida


(photo: Sanibel Island is two hours south of Tampa, and claims to be the ‘shelling capital of the world’)

Do you have a favorite vacation destination? One that makes you forget about all the challenges, stress, and pressure of a busy life?

And how often do you get to visit this sacred place?

Heading there tomorrow.

Last year was the first Summer we skipped a Summer trip to Sanibel Island in 25 years (went to Glacier National Park instead).

It’s not often that a day like today happens in our lives.

Maybe once a year.

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  1. This morning heading out to finish my 100+ bike ride from about a month ago. I stopped at 92 miles instead of making it the full 115. Will do 40+ this morning; my Sanibel Island. The air is clear and cool. It’s one of those blessed days.

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