The truth about this voice in our head

Magic Kingdom Halloween scarecrow
Shut up, say it ain’t so. That’s a scary thought, eh?


The voice in our head says, “This will change people’s lives”.



But many don’t want to change.

They say they do.


So why do we keep trying?

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By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    The sad thing is that a lot of people stop trying, because they don’t see the instant results of people grasping what they think is important. So why should we keep trying? If we see the bigger picture, it has a lot to do with our roles in being a change agent. To paraphrase the Bible, some plan seeds, some water, some reap the harvest (and yes, God gets the increase). People in the Bible were struggling to see the big picture because they thought an individual pastor should see the the whole process in their lifetimes: from planting to harvest. But it doesn’t work that way normally.

    Are you a good planter? Are you a good encourager (watering)? Are you a great finisher (there to see the plants produce)? You continue to teach the change, knowing you may not be around to see the end results. But you hope that some of your seeds fall on fertile ground and that someone’s behind you to water. That’s why you continue (about whatever your passion to share is)…that one seed takes hold.


  2. Bob, thanks for your early morning validation. Sun isn’t even up yet and we are ready to go at it again. Planting, watering, tending, harvesting. Faith is planting a tree we will never live long enough to enjoy the shade from. Have an awesome week. Keep farming.

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