Was Perez Hilton Wrong Or Right?

When Perez Hilton withholds the Miss America crown because the Miss California contestant is Christian, would that sort of be like a Christian Judge withholding the crown because the Miss America contestant is Lesbian?

Funny how a certain standard could make the prophet look like a hypocrite.

A big part of what Perez needs to do is create controversy. It’s some of the best free marketing there is, and he is brilliant at using it. Of the 80 million blogs out there, Perez Hilton’s blog was number one in 2009.

For a reason. And I’m studying it, as well as this:

We can become so passionate and so blind by our own beliefs, that we commit the very sin we despise.

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  1. Well, I’ve judged pageants before. Not in the Miss USA system, but in the Miss America system. First of all, whoever asked Perez Hilton (Donald Trump, owner of Miss US) to judge did so because they knew he would generate publicity. Ratings speak. BUT, as a judge, you are supposed to put your personal beliefs aside and score based on how well the contestant articulates her opinion. Carrie Prejean wasn’t very articulate. She started by saying she thought it was great to be able to choose who you want to marry,be it same sex or “opposite sex”, then she said she didn’t believe in same sex marriage. It wasn’t WHAT she said, it was HOW she said it. I think it’s sad that even though the girl who won really did deserve to win, based on what I saw and heard that night, she is somehow left to think that she only won because of some prejudice of Miss Prejean’s religious beliefs. Also, I guess that when you consider what was made public afterward, the pageant can be glad it didn’t have to deal with a Miss USA sex with herself video scandal or topless photo scandal that it would have had if Carrie Prejean had won. The whole deal of Miss Calif. USA having paid for her breast implants and then her not fulfilling her appearance obligations was bad enough. I don’t think Hilton is the only hypocrite in this story. That said, I don’t care for how people like Perez Hilton make their money off of gossip. I think he is mean. The 15 minutes of fame should be over for both of them.

  2. Lorie, thank you for your additional insight.
    Personally, I don’t follow TV shows. So, I’m really clueless on the whole Miss California and Perez Hilton thing. The details don’t matter. What matters is this, is it okay to expect tolerance for our differences and then criticize another for theirs?

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