Margin and attitude net this

The photo above has been missing from all five website home pages for a few weeks, off and on. Figured out why yesterday. Figuring out a technical issue is a confidence booster and it validated my preaching about taking small daily risks.

Margin and attitude net patience.

Margin is unscheduled space (time) on your calendar.

Margin is a distinguishing factor between people with personal vibrancy and people who consistently struggle to survive.

Most of my life i was over-scheduled, stressed, and struggling to survive the onslaught of each day.

It’s possible that i wasn’t over-worked. It’s possible that i was under-organized.

Margin is a luxury necessity.

Choosing an attitude of opportunity, versus adversity, is a personal and mental victory. Mental victories add up and grow like daily compound interest.

How cool is that! Use that coolness to your advantage. All day. Every day.

Update Jan. 10, 2019: The issue is back. Grateful for the Internet, for WordPress, for technology, for time to write, for ideas, etc.

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