A Facebook status update from one minute ago

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Screen shot from a friend’s Facebook feed last night. Real life in real time.


A Facebook status update from one minute ago

For curious minds only please…

One day while traveling i was very concerned about something.

It’s a first world problem that is as trivial as it gets…

What if my travel schedule made it impossible to write the five daily blogs?

So i wrote an extra day’s worth (5) the morning before departing on a long flight.

Worst case didn’t happen and i was able to write like normal the next morning.

This meant that there was now a surplus of one day.

Over time, usually on a particularly productive/inspiring weekend, after writing the normal five blogs, i’d keep writing.

Eventually this led to having a one week surplus (35 posts, or seven days multiplied by five extra posts for each website).

Somewhere between year two and three writing got even more intense and a 30-day surplus was created. i wasn’t writing to build a surplus, it’s just that i couldn’t stop writing on some days.

It was not uncommon to write 10-12 hours on a Saturday and 10-12 hours on Sunday too. A weekend like that might produce 25 – 50 posts (five to ten days worth).

Between years three and four, the surplus grew to 90 days and finally capped at 100 days ahead, a 500 blog post surplus.


What i’m about to write today (Aug 19) won’t go live until November 27.

It’s quirky.

It’s real.

And until it happened, it was also impossible.

So, you know those things you dream about but self-talk yourself out of?

Here’s to challenging you to stop saying you can’t.

How’s this for impossible…

It’s been 2,332 days in a row writing 5 daily, differently-themed posts. Then add in another 100 day surplus, and that’s 12,160 blog posts.

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