Your midlife triangle

Busy intersection near Walt Disney World
Yesterday at 7:15am.


It’s a chronic situation.

At least it was for me.

When will we get our proverbial sh!t together?

Probably never.

Unless we embrace this deceptively simple framework.

Your midlife triangle is made up of three sides.

  1. rethink
  2. reprioritize
  3. recommit

It’s that simple and it’s that’s difficult.

As we rode bikes to school yesterday we crossed three major intersections near Walt Disney World. It was morning rush hour.

Told our son that most drivers are so distracted because they’re in a such a hurry that it’s the equivalent to being drunk.

The past two days have each netted me almost getting hit by a harried driver when we have had the right of way to cross the cross walk.

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