Who’s writing my story?

Mickey Mouse tattoo on calf
Yesterday on high school tour. Mickey is tattooed on my heart.


Who’s writing my story?

It’s a question that changed my life in 2008/09.

This was the timeframe that an unusually weird Disney layoff provided the gift of feeling vulnerable for the first time (at the time, i was in my 24th year at Disney).

This was the catalyst for creating a Plan B even though the layoffs were done.

The best time to worry about your next job is when you don’t need to.

My next job revolved around the dream of being the captain of my own ship – a solo entrepreneur. To take everything i learned in 30 years at Disney and retire at 55 and begin the quest to put a dent in our Universe.

PS. Unusually weird means that the process didn’t make sense to me, nor to literally all of my colleagues.

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