Where would be be if we didn’t quit for a whole decade?

2013 High School yearbook picture quotes
When Philip is 28, what will he have acoomplished that 10 years ago seemed unlikely?


It would be a dream to see society not look at weight as a beauty thing but rather a heath thing.

The whole point of exercising is to support and nourish all the vital organs that keep us alive.

The point of earning and managing money isn’t to get rich, it’s to be able to function without financial assistance from others.

The point of spiritual awakening and growth, isn’t to be a saint, it’s to be at a place where we can serve others before self. If we can’t feed 100, feed one.

The point of being organized isn’t to win a better Homes and Gardens feature, it’s to manage our things and be able to find things them we need to. And to not be burdened with their care and security.

The point of our attitude isn’t to be Pollyanna, it’s to simply be able to handle the never ending onslaught of life’s challenges that will either force us to live as survivors or thrivers.

Keep moving forward. Imagine us making a decade worth of progress, in any area of our life – it can do nothing but astonish the determined, focused, and disciplined warrior.

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