Guest blogger Lorie Sheffer: Souffle

Souffle (photo: Lorie Sheffer)


For those of us with kids and grandkids, how can we ask them to try new things and expand their world if we are stuck in our own rut? If we’re too bored or lazy or fearful, then that is the example by which we lead. While comfort can be found in routine and tradition, it’s also important to exercise our brains with new challenges. Those new challenges don’t have to cost a fortune or involve months of planning. Small projects count, too. The point is to just have fun, not take it too seriously, and show those around us that it’s never too late to learn a new trick or two.

We live in a pre-packed, overly processed, fast food/chain restaurant world.  With that in mind, I decided my new little adventure would be to make that iconic, old fashioned, and much-feared classic, the cheese soufflé. I didn’t get off to a good start. I had trouble finding a 2.5 Qt. soufflé dish. Three hours and two sore feet later, just as I was ready to wave the white flag, I found what I was looking for; it was sitting on a clearance table at the very back of the store. Armed with a recipe I found on one of my go-to Internet sites, I went to work in my kitchen. The end result was pretty darned good, if not perfect. Another minute in the oven and it would have been a home run. Still, in spite of the tablespoon-sized area in the center that was ever so slightly too jiggly, we enjoyed a delicious dinner. If I had failed miserably, so what? We could have eaten grilled cheese sandwiches with a hilariously deflated soufflé centerpiece.

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