Who is this author, jeff noel?

Midlife Celebration book spine corrected
Midlife Celebration book spine corrected


Who is this author, jeff noel?


A series of devastaing midlife wakeup calls, guilt, and serendipity led to the realization that the author wasn’t going to live forever.

We all know what is self-evident, yet we live like we are completely unaware. Life is full of excuses and excuses lead to regret, regret leads to second chances, and second chances lead to opportunity.

But there’s a catch at this point. Second chances require someone’s permission.

Jeff Noel, 54, is an expert at all of these.

America’s unheralded work life balance expert, a servant, husband, dad, boomer, speaker, author, runner.

He believes work is only work if you’d rather be doing something else. Allergic to most pollens and mediocrity, he can’t wait for the alarm clock to go off every morning.

Since 1999, he has spoken to over one million people worldwide.

He lives behind Orlando’s most famous theme park and for the past 30 years has thrived in one of the world’s most admired companies.

Jeff enrolled in a 100-day writer’s boot camp on April Fool’s day 2009. The only requirement was to write five blog posts a day for 100 consecutive days. Not only did he miraculously accomplish the goal, he has yet to stop writing five daily, differently-themed blogs.

If you do the math, this is nearly five consecutive years and 9,000 posts (and counting).

Just between you and me, he suffers from writer’s flood.


Because he has an insatiable desire to help others think deeper, smile more, and feel grateful everyday, all day.

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