When habits are changed, new life is born

Apple email that iPhone 6 is ready for pickup


(photo: The smallest of details on the left, the date. Last night at 10:49pm Autumn officially began… and yet it’s New Year’s day)

Happy Autumnal Equinox!

Not the salutation we’d expect on January 1, 2015.

Feeling on fire with anticipation today?

That’s the magic of challenging the way we’ve always done things.

Writing this on September 23, 2014, it’s so easy to taste the future yet savor the current moment and the days ahead.

Like double dipping.

Last January 1st, as an experiment in humility, began omitting key words:

I, my, me, or mine.

A major life transition is something we wait for all our lives.

When habits are changed, new life is born

But if we don’t find creative, purposeful ways to change, guess what happens?


A year from now we’ll wish we had started something today.

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  1. A very happy new year to all those that enjoy Jeff’s blog as much as me. I believe annual reviews are counter productive. Why in the world would you want to wait until once a year to provide encouragement about great performance or provide correction to poor performance. I meet with everyone of my staff members that report directly to me weekly. It demonstrates to them that I care about what they are doing, gives them an opportunity to shine, complain, be open with feedback, etc. I can’t be every where all of the time, but they are my eyes and ears. I remember years ago when I was at a meeting and spoke with Lee Cockerell, I asked Lee “Lee, how in the world can you run the operations for the parks and hotels for WDW” He said to me “it’s easy, always hire people that are smarter than you!” It’s impossible to invest in your staff if you only review their performance once year.

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