If you’re not a dreamer, i’m out

Disney Leadership Speakers
Disney’s Leadership paradigm shift architecture.
Disney Leadership Speakers
Performance Excellence was Judson Green’s vision that began in 1992 and rolled out to all leaders in 1994.

If your goal isn’t impossible, i’m not going to be able to help you.

i thrive on helping others do what they think is impossible.

Tell me your crazy dream.

Take as long as you need.

And be clear, concise (if possible), and compelling.


Because compelling and clarity feed organizational vibrancy.

You’ll lose your team if they aren’t compelled by the clarity of where you are heading.

And if you lose your team, this means you’ll also lose their teams.

And this repeats itself until it spreads contagiously to your frontline staff.

You’ll also lose me if you aren’t clear and compelling.

Make it so your team’s (and my) only reaction to what you’re saying is, “Wow, that’s incredible.”

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