What if our Facebook updates focused on our opportunities?

American Flag
Yesterday a new American flag replaced a well-worn American Flag.

What if our Facebook updates focused on our opportunities?

If our spotlights and lasers were focused on ourselves, we probably wouldn’t have time to worry about what other people need to change.


Our time, theoretically, would be consumed with self-improvement.

There wouldn’t be time in our day to worry about other’s (namely politicians on both sides, and in every Country, State, and local government) behavior because we’re (now) so busy transforming ourselves.

Daily writing helps me see this in myself and it’s the primary reason why i continuously write about mind, body, spirit, work, and home.

What we dislike in others is usually a negative blind spot.

What we appreciate in others is usually a positive blind spot.

i work diligently to be more accepting and forgiving of behaviors that tempt me unfavorably.

Also investing in better energy and more consistent and committed acceptance in my “gifts”.

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