Why the original goal of a million dollars is not appropriate

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Most authors make no money from book sales. When you factor time, and expense, it’s pretty much a losing proposition by itself. The exception is when a book goes viral (like getting on Oprah).

The opportunity to generate revenue is from speaking (and perhaps products related to the book’s cause – think “Life is good” brand).

Writing a book adds decent credibility. It’s gutsy – because if it wasn’t, more of us would do it.

Driving a 24-year old car, and keeping expenses low, and determined to raise money until a cure is found.

The original goal was to raise one million dollars, but decided not to limit the amount. Nor stop trying until the cure is here.

Once that’s done, we can move on to the next thing that needs serious help.

A friend’s spouse has had 33 surgeries from Crohn’s disease, and the last one was to remove the only remaining portion of his digestive system.

Our son has Crohn’s and is exponentially more likely to get colon cancer than a person without Crohn’s. Last anyone checked, colon cancer is bad news.

Make no small plans.

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