Happy New Day

Ordering HomePods
Upper right corner. Awoke at 2:55am to buy at 3:01am (12:01am Cupertino time). Tried unsuccessfully for 20 minutes.


Happy New Day.

Can you hear yourself saying this?

i shoulda.

i coulda.

i woulda.

i’m a simple person.

(ps. you’re still talking to yourself…)

i work hard.

i sacrifice.

My goals are pretty lofty.

A fair amount of my family, friends, and colleagues don’t get why i work so hard.

The goal?

To win.

Win what?

Victory over my old self.


To journey through life, preparing for the next leg.

To do what you need to do today so your tomorrows are better.

We thrive or we survive.

Life is fair in that it is unfair to everyone.



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